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  • Barco Audio Technologies is an innovative provider of 3D audio solutions for consumer electronics and professional audio.The business based in Erfurt, Germany successfully markets audio processors and production software under the brand IOSONO. We develop and use unique sound technologies that set us apart from the competition.

    With its products, Barco Audio Technologies strives to create high quality audio experiences, pushing back the boundaries of conventional stereo and surround sound. Great sound is not just our business, but our passion. Having successfully realized 3D sound installations across five continents, we have recently opened up a new era in game sound. With PROXIMITY, we want to bring great sound experiences to the consumer market, something we have been doing in the pro audio business for years.

    Our staff is highly skilled and passionate about audio and looks back on almost 10 years of experience in 3D audio technology.. With more than 50 sound system installations, we have a strong track record in realizing international projects and installations. As the applied technology is customizable, IOSONO sound systems can be adapted to the needs of each customer project. Our customer base includes cinema operators, theme parks, research institutes, sound producers, clubs, museums, planetaria and others.

    Barco Audio Technologies was founded as IOSONO GmbH in 2004, and has become part of the Belgian company Barco in September 2014. Barco gains the team and expertise from IOSONO GmbH to further enhance the immersive sound experience in cinemas worldwide. IOSONO is from now part of Barco’s Entertainment division and operates as Barco Audio Technologies. To read the press release about the acquisition, please click here.

  • How to find us:

    Barco Audio Technologies
    Erich-Kästner-Str. 1a
    99094 Erfurt

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Meet the team

  • Olaf Stepputat,
    Director Barco Audio Technologies

    Judy Bärwolf,
    Project Office & HR

  • Stephan Mauer,
    Head of Professional Audio

    Andrea Schmidt,
    Office Management

  • Robert Steffens,
    Head of Software Development

  • Katja Lehmann,
    Marketing Manager