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Industry-acclaimed 3D sound with IOSONO CORE

  • Natural soundscapes. Truly 3-dimensional.
    The IOSONO CORE hardware processor is the heart of IOSONO's 3D sound systems. An IOSONO system is the ideal choice for the creation of unparalleled soundscapes for cinemas, events and themed entertainment. As a result of years of research and experience, the CORE processor delivers immersive high quality audio based on IOSONO’s world-known wave field synthesis technology (WFS), marking the cutting edge of what today is  technically possible in sound quality and localization.

    Hear every nuance – no matter where your seat is located
    With IOSONO CORE, sounds can be moved within a defined space with unparalleled precision, resulting in a crystal-clear perception of sounds emanated from the walls of the auditorium. The system is even able to eliminate the "sweet spot" (often referred to as a very specific position in a room with best listening results). This revolutionary approach makes it possible to generate the same, best sound quality at any position in the room – no matter where you sit or stand. You will always be able to hear any nuance of the sound.

    Installation & configuration
    IOSONO Cinema & Entertainment systems operate with a ring of speakers, placed around the listening area. Also height speakers placed on the ceiling or in a second speaker ring can be used for additional 3D effects. The IOSONO Professional Audio Team and our international distributors are on hand for installation and maintenance of the IOSONO CORE system. And of course, comprehensive consulting services are provided in advance to perfectly adapt the system for best sound results to your specific location.

    How to generate sound content for CORE
    Sound content creation for the CORE hardware processor is made easy with IOSONO's Spatial Audio Workstation software. This product works object based – for mixing and reproduction of dedicated audio material over IOSONO’s CORE system. Be it a film, an entertaining scene or an animation – IOSONO object based mixes are rendered specifically to the installation in the particular venue. The processor is programmed with detailed information of location properties and an accurate 3D map of the connected speakers. Any rendering results are specific and accurate when played back in your installation, resulting in a sound experience that surpasses any other digital sound format.

  • 5 reasons for IOSONO Sound

    • Make your show unforgettable with IOSONO 3D sound
      Create captivating and engulfing sound environments and transport moods and messages with sound. Your visitors will enjoy an exceptional listening experience.
    • Easy installation and maintenance
      Integrating our audio processor IOSONO CORE into other installations is easy, this is ensured through versatile connection possibilities. Installation effort of IOSONO systems is just the same as with traditional sound systems.
    • Meeting your needs and preferences
      IOSONO sound systems are scalable and can adapt to customer requirements through up to 5 individual I/O configurations, guaranteeing best performance and cost-efficiency for all venues.
    • High performance and reliability
      IOSONO's audio processor features up to 128 channels, integrated MADI, AES I/O and a fully redundant power supply. Impressive processing power ensures top performance.
    • IOSONO is there for you
      IOSONO is there to help you with planning, system installation, product maintenance and local support.

IOSONO CORE - technical specifications

  • • Rendering of 64 simultaneous input channels (128 channels optional)
    • lossless up to 96k 24bit without losing a single bit of precision
    • Control Unit software for configuration and maintenance
    • 7” touch screen and intuitive graphical user interface for playback and demo operation

  • • Remote control via Windows
    • MADI or AES/EBU in/out
    • Wordclock in/out
    • real time control of sound sources via open sound control (for Spatial Audio Workstation, Max/MSP, MATLAB)
    • Synchronization using Time Code (LTC)
    • 4 RU 19”