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  • With 3D movie projection spreading across the globe successfully, 3D audio is just one logical step forward for moviegoers as well as cinema operators. During the past years several approaches in 3D surround sound have been developed, but the only true 3D solution available is IOSONO 3D sound. That's why the world's first blockbuster movie in 3D audio ("IMMORTALS") was mixed using an IOSONO sound system. IOSONO sound systems deliver fantastic, immersive, high quality audio – the result of years of research and practical experience.

    With the IOSONO CORE, you will add a new dimension to the movie and attract a bigger audience with a listening experience they haven’t heard before. Immersive and captivating soundscapes jumping out of the screen complemented by the latest 3D image technology will have your customers thrilled. Instead of often diffused and unrealistic audio of conventional surround systems, IOSONO creates a natural perception of sound to be moving right through the audience.
    The CORE processor supports a wide range of formats from conventional stereo and surround up to any multichannel format.

    Options & compatibility
    The Render+ option adds enhanced playback for conventional stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixes. The processor is compatible with Digital Cinema Servers from all manufacturers, guaranteeing an integrated solution without additional effort.

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