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Solutions for Corporate Events & Showrooms

Corporate Events & Showrooms

  • IOSONO corporate 3D sound – directly to the customer’s ears
    IOSONO’s 3D sound will make your corporate showroom or tradeshow presentation stand out from the competition. IOSONO CORE creates emotional, audible experiences in all venues, with sounds moving freely in a three-dimensional space. This not only creates a crystal-clear perception of speech, music and sound effects – it transports your corporate message directly to the ears of your audience – more than any surround system can ever do.

    No matter if it’s a multimedia showroom, a gala event or a product presentation – with IOSONO 3D sound you will leave an impression on visitors. You can even react to the audience and create interactive effects as sound sources can be controlled in real time. IOSONO gives you not only the safety and reliability a sound system needs to supply, but also the creative freedom to create unique results in brand communication.

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