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  • Simply unforgettable
    IOSONO’s 3D sound systems are perfect to make multimedia event and entertainment installations unforgettable. They’re widely applicable and will help you create highly immersive and emotional presentations. IOSONO CORE opens up endless possibilities in the themed entertainment sector.  You can amaze your visitors with 3D sounds in attractions like a haunted house. Or simply create audio-visual landscapes with no limits in creativity. 4D shows, 3D sound to light or video synchronization, museum or planetaria shows – IOSONO CORE supports your ideas with best audio quality and utmost flexibility in sound placement. Inspire your audience!

    Automatic adoption to other venues
    The need for creation of several mixes for different venues and room configurations belongs to the past. By using IOSONO’s .icf format, you can easily reproduce audio content in other venues as well, as IOSONO CORE will optimize the playback for each speaker setup or room size automatically! This enables you to simply use one production in different places with unchanging sound perception, which is highly useful for planetaria, theme parks and other applications.

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