IOSONO PROXIMITY                                

Breaking the boundaries of surround sound

  • PROXIMITY is an audio technology standard that raises the gaming experience to the next level of realism. Sounds have never been closer, more intense and more supportive to the game story than with PROXIMITY. This new technology has been developed to expand the gaming experience past the boundaries of conventional stereo and surround sound. PROXIMITY brings effects like shots, voices, environments and explosions into the inner circle of the surround field – letting the audio event itself appear right next to your ears. This approach allows for a highly accurate sound localization, longer playtime and closer identification especially with shooter and adventure games.


  • PROXIMITY Key benefits:

    • Gaming on a new level of realism, making sound effects more lifelike
    • Breaking the boundaries of surround with sounds appearing next to your ears
    • Superior game performance through ideal orientation in the virtual world
    • Highly accurate localization of sounds
    • Seamless integration of PROXIMITY speakers or headphones into the gaming setup
    • Fully-automated system tuning at the touch of a button
    • Multi-platform capable (PC, console, more)
  • Easy installation. Better playing results. More fun!

    PROXIMITY is a new, patented IOSONO technology that is based on years of development and has been developed especially for the gaming market. PROXIMITY can be played back with headphones, as well as with speakers. A speaker system consists of two dedicated loudspeakers that can work as an addition to any stereo or surround setup. The speakers can simply be placed on your left and right. PROXIMITY is multi-platform capable, working with game consoles, computers and mobile devices. Once set up, PROXIMITY unfolds its unique audio placement capabilities within seconds, allowing for a precise localization of important game events. You will be astonished by the sound intensity – and the fact, that alien enemy attacks seem to get out of the screen right to your sofa! And the fun doesn't end here - imagine the possibilities in regards to other applications, such as audio books or music listening!

The gamer in the center of the action - the idea behind PROXIMITY

  • The reproduction of reality means more than conventional surround systems can deliver. Virtually 3-dimensional sound should be the equivalent of what people perceive when watching 3D pictures - sounds that come closer with depth, extending into the room from the speakers all the way to the listener's position. Thus, especially in a game context, common surround sound devices lack the most crucial part of creating a realistic gaming environment - proximity effects.

  • A bullet that is shot against the player in a shooter game seems to fly along the wall in a conventional surround setup – from the front row directly to surround speakers, leaving out the interaction with the game player completely. With PROXIMITY, the bullet flies into the direction of the player, whizzing past the ears, beyond his shoulder and makes the shoot as realistic as reality - just as a real shoot has just missed the player scarcely. No other sound system is able to reproduce distance dependent game audio events in a way that can even roughly be described as being "natural" or "wow".

    Situations in which PROXIMTY effects can be recognized best are fighting scenes, car racing (radio messages, car damages), adventure (character itself, environmental noises, spook) and many more. The system also stands for clearly better intelligibility in multiplayer-scenarios.