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15.02.2017 10:17 Age: 3 yrs

189 Lane Shopping Mall

Customer story

Lane 189 Shopping Mall

Shanghai, China

Forget about elevator music! When Shanghai 189 Lane opened in December, operators of the boutique shopping mall took a new approach to merge music and shopping. Instead of playing dull background music, the mall opted for making sound a crucial part of the shopping experience. With the help of Barco's IOSONO immersive sound system, 189 Lane engages visitors and sets itself apart from the competition.

A first in the Chinese retail market

Throughout the mall, a soundtrack of Shanghai is played back, attracting customers with lifelike sounds. These range from nature ambiences to recordings from old-day Shanghai and classical or electronic compositions. “We are probably the first in China to introduce a hologram or 3D sound system into a retail real estate project, designed to bring vivid or touchable listening experience to visitors,” says Lu Feng, Managing Director Real Estate for Citic Capital, the company that developed and operates 189 Lane. The 189 Lane installation and concept was planned and installed by Barco’s 3D sound distributor of China, Full Dimension.

A setup ready for all applications

The acoustic concept of 189 Lane exceeds the playback of immersive sounds. The mall regularly presents concerts, multimedia performances and other cultural activities. Appealing to the sense of hearing on many levels will have visitors indulge in the shopping experience. The technical setup behind this experience includes more than 100 sE speakers spanning over 5 floors and driven by Barco's IOSONO CORE processor. Offering flexibility for various uses cases, the same sounds can be played on all floors simultaneously. It is also possible to reproduce individual mixes on each floor. Moreover, a production setup and a system optimized for live performances by Full Dimension makes the installation fit for multipurpose use.

About Full Dimension

Full Dimension is a full-service audio company which includes acoustical and electronic design, audio equipment manufacturing, system integration, and project management that include small to extremely large and complex projects. The focus at Full Dimension is in high quality design that is guided by music appreciation. This demonstrated by the fact that the founder and many of the key employees all have degrees or large experience in music and media production.