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02.04.2014 15:09 Age: 5 yrs

Award for "Fresenius 100" Event


photos by CB.e Clausecker | Bingel AG, Berlin

The corporate event "100 Years Fresenius" has recently been awarded the BEA Tech Award. The anniversary gala, which took place at Festhalle Frankfurt in October 2012, made use of an IOSONO 3D sound system highlighting a multimedia presentation shown to the audience of 1,200 invited guests.

This year's BEA Tech Award was handed to TSE AG, the company responsible for sound and light engineering at the event. The gala was carried out by lead agency CB.e Clausecker | Bingel AG, Berlin.

To turn Fresenius' corporate celebration into an event to remember, a short film portraying the global health care company's history was shown on a large panoramic video screen and highlighted by an orchestral soundtrack composed to be played with the IOSONO sound system and accompanied by string players playing live inside Frankfurt Festhalle.

The BEA BlachReport Event Awards annually honor diversity and quality in live communication, with a focus on corporate and brand events applying new creative approaches to corporate communication.

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