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17.08.2016 14:09 Age: 3 yrs

Experience AuroMax®!


Want to experience true immersive sound? Then pay our Japanese demo center in Tokyo a visit! We recently geared our demo theater with the APX AuroMax® spatial audio processor to let visitors discover the unique immersive sound we're offering for cinema theaters.

What is the APX?

The APX AuroMax® spatial audio processor is the core component of the AuroMax® audio system. Fully future proof, this processor will be software upgradable to the single standardized format for immersive cinema sound, once this becomes available in the industry. It combines the unique ability of the Auro 11.1 format with the revolutionary object-based rendering of Barco Audio Technologies (formerly IOSONO). This ground-breaking technology allows users to easily install immersive sound in both existing and new theaters without compromising on quality.