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25.07.2017 15:34 Age: 2 yrs

Genius Loci Weimar


From 11 to 13 August the Genius Loci festival for audio-visual art will take place in Weimar, Germany. Incorporating ruins, water screens, buildings and less tangible things, the event is aimed at crafting completely novel narratives in the form of light and sound.

Not only having been a projection partner to the festival in the past, Barco has successfully provided its IOSONO sound technology for an immersive audio installation twice. This year for the first time we will finally join 3D sound with video mapping art, creating a fully enveloping media experience with the installation "Mirrors" at the city's Herder church.

11 - 13 August, 2017

Where? Weimar, Germany


Products on show: IOSONO CORE