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11.12.2013 10:16 Age: 5 yrs

IOSONO 3D Live Sound in China


Shanghai waterfront sounds magical for China’s first IOSONO 3D outdoor concert. After successfully establishing IOSONO China in May this year, the joint venture of IOSONO and SWD Group has taken a big step forward in spreading 3D sound events in China. On October 28, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra performed China’s first IOSONO 3D outdoor concert at Shanghai’s North Bund.

The acclaimed orchestra played European and Chinese classics for an audience of 700. Against the backdrop the nightly city skyline visitors enjoyed concert hall acoustics in the open air location. “This concert is definitely breaking new ground in China. With outdoor concerts, creating a good sound quality is always a big problem. This 3D sound concert has solved the problem, the sound was incredibly clear, a huge improvement,” says Chen Guangxian, head of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. The concert was the highlight of this year’s Shanghai International Arts Festival. The event was supported by the Shanghai Municipal and Hongkou District offices and was also broadcasted on Shanghai Art Channel.

The waterfront location had a stunning view and was nested between new high rise buildings on a staging area constructed specifically for this onetime event. The 90 piece orchestra was reinforced using an IOSONO 3D sound system specifically configured to give a crystal clear listening experience to every audience member. “Besides using normal speakers above the orchestra as one might find in typical events like this, our team used additional speakers surrounding the audience and overhead to add reverberation, creating a concert hall without walls,” says Jeff Levison, Executive VP of IOSONO China.