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22.11.2016 14:24 Age: 3 yrs

Shanghai Grand Theater

Customer story

The Barco Audio Technologies team, together with Full Dimension, recently finished another IOSONO immersive sound installation in China. At Shanghai Grand Theater, the IOSONO CORE audio processor is filling the newly modernized gallery with vivid soundscapes.

To celebrate its 18th anniversary the cultural center aimed to create something truly unique. Shanghai Grand Theater is known for utilizing advanced technology and was looking for the best solution available when turning their entrance lobby into a new performing space. The new 3D sound gallery is equipped with Barco’s IOSONO CORE audio processor and sE loudspeakers, guaranteeing an immersive sound experience despite several constraints.

“Planning this project was challenging, as we were dealing with an almost 60 meters long room with stone floor and glass doors,” says Siwei Zou, composer and president of Full Dimension. The company partnered with Barco on the project for acoustical and sound system planning, design and installation. “With Barco’s IOSONO sound installation it is now possible to use the gallery in a variety of ways,” adds Mr. Zou. “Playing subtle ambient effects is just as possible as creating spectacular movements of sounds throughout the 3D sound gallery.” Another feature is the unobtrusive speaker installation. Matching the theater’s distinctive architectural style, all speakers are hidden in the foyer’s ceiling.

The new 3D sound gallery was officially opened after a press conference on October 21st, with the release of its theme music “The Echoes”. The gallery will now be used for live events, exhibitions and atmospheric background music alike, making a visit to Shanghai Grand Theater even more special.