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05.09.2017 10:13 Age: 2 yrs

Shanghai Tower open to public


opening of "SUMMIT 632"

Shanghai Tower has now opened its top floors to the public. 600 metres above ground, the world's highest culture, arts and science space and viewing gallery "SUMMIT 632" was opened with a ceremony on 28 August.

The space features a Barco IOSONO sound system which has been installed by Barco’s Chinese 3D sound distributor Full Dimension, letting visitors truly dive into the musical experience. Grammy Award winning composer Simon Franglen created the piece "One Day in Shanghai" especially for "SUMMIT 632". "What I've done is written a piece of music that allows you to walk around inside it,” says Franglen, who is best known for his work on Hollywood soundtracks like "Avatar" and "Titanic".

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