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21.10.2016 15:16 Age: 3 yrs

Shanghai Tower with 3D sound

Customer story

Gensler via CTBUH

Known as ‘the world’s highest concert hall’, the hall located on the 126th floor of Shanghai Tower is attracting a large amount of attention from the public. Listening to the world’s most advanced soundscapes in a concert hall more than 600 meters from the ground is quite a novel experience!

Barco’s IOSONO sound system has been installed in the world’s highest concert hall by Barco’s partner Full Dimension. The multi-dimensional audio setup features the IOSONO CORE processor that forms the heart of Barco’s IOSONO immersive sound systems. Takes full advantage of IOSONO’s capabilities in order to generate unparalleled listening experiences fitting for a concert hall that is placed in the tallest structure in china.

Barco Audio Technologies provided acoustical consulting and planning services to Shanghai Tower for the last two years.