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03.02.2015 13:55 Age: 4 yrs

Virtuality Center in Riyadh


The Barco Audio Technologies team has recently finished the installation of a new IOSONO sound system in Riyadh’s new Virtuality Center. The Center will accommodate a large science exhibition focusing on information technology and communication. Barco's IOSONO 3D sound is installed a room focusing completely on sound, letting visitors go on an acoustic journey, discovering the secrets of the human voice.

The exhibition is developed by Austrian company Attraktion!. "It is our mission to create world class attractions with a compelling visitor experience. With Barco's IOSONO 3D sound people will not just take in the information offered in the exhibition, but we will create a sensuous experience for the visitors using sound", says Markus Beyr, Managing Director at Attraktion! The Virtuality Center is part of the new IT district ITCC in the Saudi Arabia capital and will open later this year.

>> visit the website of Attraktion!