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IOSONO Patent Pool and Contract Development

  • IOSONO Audio patent pool

    With the aquisition of IOSONO GmbH Barco N.V. holds several patents and unique technologies in its catalogue and stands for ongoing state-of-the-art audio technology development. IOSONO had shaped numerous unique approaches to create and distribute audio effects and has been the driving force for innovation in audio technology for nearly a decade.

    Contract development

    Barco Audio Technologies has a proven track record in contract development for external companies. Nearly any type of audio feasibility study, development and product integration can be conducted by our highly professional team of audio programmers, testers and research specialists. The development team is perfectly prepared to work goal-oriented, structured and focused on individual needs of clients. Transparency is a cornerstone of Barco Audio Technologies' success in this field. Open communication, documentation and an accompanying development road map guaranteeing a successful realization of your project – in time and on budget.

  • IOSONO's acoustic test lab

    The image shows IOSONO's acoustic lab, planned and constructed by Udo Heusinger