AuroMax Parameter Set

  • AuroMax bitstream parameters

    Name Annotations Description
    SourceType INT, range tbd defines Parameter Subset (either “OBJECT” or “BED CHANNEL”)
    Channel_ID INT, 0 - 127 OBAE Stream number to select corresponding audio channel
    Gain LINEAR, FLOAT, range tbd Gain applied to the selected audio stream
    Name Annotations Description
    PositionX FLOAT, -1 - 1 Position left to right
    PositionY FLOAT, -1 - 1 Position back to front
    PositionZ FLOAT, 0 - 1 Position down to up
    SpreadWidth FLOAT, 0 – 1 Horizontal Spread (width)
    SpreadHeight FLOAT, 0 – 1 Vertical Spread (height)
    Snap Binary, 0/1 Snap to single speaker
    ZoneID INT, range tbd Set of Speakers (partly) excluded from rendering
    ZoneAttenuation FLOAT, 0 - 1 Ratio of reduced speaker render to full speaker render
    DecorrelationFactor FLOAT, 0 – 1 Decorrelation applied to audio stream
    Name Annotations Description
    BedChannel_ID INT, range tbd Bed Channel Identification Label (Left, Center, Right, etc..)